• The WFHSS is glad to welcome among its members the young association AMRDM.

    Congratulations for the creation of AMRDM and the first great objective already achieved: the national guidelines.

    Joining the WFHSS is an incredible chance to work together with other national societies and participate in a great network focused on the global improvement of practices in disinfection and sterilization.

    Looking forward to collaborate with you.
    Dr. Christine Delebecque Denis

    President WFHSS / Hospital Pharmacist / CSSD Manager

  • Congratulations that AMRDM CSSD association has started the CSSD activities in Romania. We hope this organization will push the European and international standards in sterilization validation and monitoring in your country to increase the general national health......
    Dr. Ulrich Kaiser

    Chemical process engineer, specialized in sterilization processes

  • Happy birthday AMRDM!   Congratulations for having successfully launched your project!   Reprocessing of medical devices equals huge responsibility. This is why a national association is a great support for everyone in Romania who has to share this responsibility.   It is priceless when there is an organization where you can discuss with others, exchange ideas, clarify problems and where you can get involved thanks to commitment and teamwork.   Have a good journey on your way to make things better!
    Joachim Metzing

    Lecturer in international training courses for reprocessing of Medical Devices and Assessor in examination boards of accredited German training centers

  • Congratulations on founding a professional national association for reprocessing medical devices!

    Reprocessing medical devices is no longer something, everybody is able to do without any special education:
    Important, subject-specific knowledge is required – and has to be educated to everyone who is doing reprocessing of medical devices!

    The responsibility for patients, reprocessing and OR staff is a challenge – and could be better overcome in a large group of a national professional society.

    I whish you, your collegues and all existing and upcoming society members all the best for the future – always trying to make things better, safer and healthier!
    Petra Labonte

    Graduated endoscopy nurse | Managing Director of Labonte Medical GmbH

April 5, 2023

New Challenges in CSSD- Reprocesarea dispozitivelor medicale – provocari si noutati in 2023

Va multumim pentru prezenta numeroasa si pentru interesul acordat subiectelor dezbatute in cadrul evenimentului New Challenges in CSSD- Reprocesarea dispozitivelor medicale - provocari si noutati in 2023.

March 31, 2022

Toata lumea intreaba!!

Intrebari fara raspuns, imi vine sa cred! Ori sunt puse unor personane care nu detin informatia, ori  nu intereseaza pe nimeni si fiecare face dupa

February 9, 2022

Worldwide WFHSS Members

January 4, 2022

Dragii nostri!

December 6, 2021

Romania a fost primita ca membru WFHSS

  La cel de-al 21-lea Congres Mondial de Sterilizare, Romania a fost primita ca membru WFHSS ( Federatia mondiala a stiintelor sterilizarii din spitale)